Which of all these possibilities should we choose? – A recap of the ethics workshop


This week, students of the PhD program microbial symbioses as well as faculty members met online for the final session of the ethics workshop that they attended during the winter semester. Lucas Zinner (Research Services and Career Development of the University of Vienna) led all participants through the different course units and shared not only theoretical background knowledge but also case studies that served as basis for in-depth discussions. The covered topics comprised among others, ethical decision making, scientific misconduct, research ethics and integrity, authorship, data management and internal quality assurance (guest talk by Michael Hofer). Besides an improved awareness, the participants took home that regular mutual communication about these topics is crucial. Therefore, students and PIs did not only reflect about what they learned during the workshop in this last meeting but also about how to implement conversations about ethics into everyday life. Thank you, Lucas Zinner, Bianca Lindorfer and Michael Hofer for this fantastic workshop!

Photo: © Universität Wien/ Alex Schuppich