Young AMICI Symposium 2021 - Wrap-up


The first Young AMICI Symposium took place on the 25th and 26th of May 2021. The aim of the conference was to give young researchers a platform to present their exciting research and to network with other young researchers in their field. With over 300 registrations, it’s safe to say that the idea of a symposium targeted at young researchers was very well received. The virtual event covered sessions on a variety of different topics including clinical microbiome research, bioinformatics and evolution and ecology. During their talks, the speakers gave interesting insights into their inspiring research and introduced us to cutting-edge technologies and concepts. This led to very lively discussions during the breakout sessions in which the participants of the symposium got the possibility to talk to the speaker directly and in a more informal environment. All in all, the Young AMICI symposium 2021 was a big success and surely will be repeated in the future.