Requirements for completion

To complete the PhD program successfully a written thesis of a quality that allows for publication, at least in part, is required. Ideally, cumulative written theses will consist of at least three article-style manuscripts: one accepted for publication at the time of thesis submission, one submitted, and one in preparation. The thesis should also contain an introductory chapter and an overarching discussion of the results of the entire thesis.

In the PhD program, the roles of the supervisors and the examiners have been separated. The thesis is reviewed by at least two independent (international) researchers. If the thesis is evaluated positively the defense is organized by the director of the doctoral study program. He/she composes a defense board which usually consists of one of the supervisors, one of the reviewers of the thesis and the director him-/herself plus up to two further independent, ideally international researchers. The defense takes place in public. If this is evaluated positively the doctorate will be conferred with the title ‘PhD’ from the University of Vienna.